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Sunday, February 28, 2016

TATApay on Amazon are scammers


Total scammers! Do not order from this company! Did not receive item described in listing and they refused to replace the missing item.

So here’s how it went down.  I ordered a drone with camera from this company as a Christmas present.  I looked around and price compared for the best drone I could find with a camera.  The sale page said this: Toytexx Midsize 3D Drone 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter With HD Camera 5.8G PPV HD . 

See where it says WITH camera? Come Christmas morning, as this present was opened,  the excitement was palpable. Gasps, chills, flushing with giddiness – best gift EVER! Until we opened it and realized… no camera.

Needless to say, a thick silence billowed through the festively decorated room.  I immediately figured I’d screwed up.  I must have ordered the wrong drone and I apologized profusely for the mistake.  The point of the gift was to be able to take the drone out and capture pictures of waterfalls at angles we couldn’t get from the ground.
When I got home I looked up the confirmation emails, much to my surprise, it was not my screw up.  The item was clearly listed: WITH HD CAMERA.  I was shocked and appalled at this turn of events, but calmed down with the reasoning that hey, it’s Christmas time and businesses are very busy, mistakes can happen.  I decided I’d just email them, explain the problem and hope it got resolved quickly so I could save face with the receiver of the gift. 

At first there was no response.  When someone finally did get back to me, the back and forth with Tatapay went on for weeks. They basically said “Woopsies, though the title and the main description and every email that we sent you regarding the product said with HD camera, it was a typo – the one you ordered didn't have a camera, we made a mistake in the description. But we can give you a good price on the camera, or you can just return the item”.  I argued this of course. I asked for a phone number to contact the company so I could speak with someone. This company does not have employees manning their emails with people fluent in English, which by the second email became quite obvious.  Since the company is out of Brampton, Ontario, I figured maybe speaking to an actual person might help. I wound up asking for that number numerous times and just got the same email offering me to return the drone, or pay for the camera.

I was never given a phone number to call.  The last email I sent them clearly stated my dissatisfaction with the company and the experience of this purchase.  Their reply was basically “Yeah we aren’t going to do anything for you, but we’d appreciate it if you took the time to write us a good review on Amazon." 

Wow.  Just wow.  I have stopped even attempting to communicate with this company because they clearly have no desire to  communicate efficiently and have no concept of false advertising and basic fraud.

Hopefully this will stop others from getting screwed over with this company.

**A copy of this will be on amazon as well


  1. I cannot find a single instance of TATApay on Amazon. Do you still have a link?

  2. It's through amazon.ca but here is a screenshot on if I wanted to re-order the same item. On here it says it's from toytexx but it's what appears when I click the link to order another of the same product http://prntscr.com/a9a434

  3. As you can see it still says WITH HD camera. So frustrating.

  4. I am still not finding the company on Amazon.ca. If you have a link to the product or any product by that seller, it would be helpful.