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Thursday, November 12, 2015

The STARbucks Cup WARS

The Starbucks Cup Wars

First, let me acknowledge that the irony is not lost on me considering the following rant goes against the spirit of the rant by simply drawing more attention to it.  The thing is, I’m seeing both sides of this war everywhere, and frankly, it has rapidly become a pet peeve.

So my second post here is a rant.  Not the best way to follow-up what I was hoping to be a peaceful, happy and charming little blog to host my variety of positive focuses, but alas, here I am, ranting away. (Or at least ranting about ranting so far)

Without further anticipation or delay, here it is; WTF human race? WTF??? Tis the time of the season, good will to all, blah blah blah and all that jazz, yet the cyberworld (and the political world too it would appear) is in an uproar over a paper frikkin’ cup.  So allow me to put it laymen’s terms, in a way all can understand…

#1 – A company has a right to put whatever they want on their product.

#2 – A consumer has a right to not buy said product or any products from said company if they so choose for whatever reason they so choose.

#3 – My coffee won’t taste any different whether it has a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, or a Star of David on it.  Now I’ll admit, I would not buy a coffee (from Tim Hortons by the way, since I’m a Timmy’s girl at heart) if there were pictures of puppies being tortured on them.  I fully understand that Tim Hortons, as a business, has the right to put puppies being tortured on their products, and I as a consumer have the choice to not buy said product.

#4 – When Tim Hortons changes their cups for the winter season, my world does not crumble, my anxiety levels do not peak, and I can still function without a full rant on the internet. (Hard to believe, I know)  In fact, Tim Hortons changed to their winter cup with children playing hockey on it… I’m not a fan of kids or of hockey, yet I calmly and quietly drank my beverage without complaint.  Because in the grand scheme of things IT DOESN’T FRIKKIN’ MATTER.

Just to cap off this rant with a few other holiday pointers to how not to be a total dickhead during this holiday season…

#1 – If someone wishes you a Merry Christmas, accept it for what it is, a kind greeting, and a blessing of sorts.

#2 – If someone wishes you a Happy Hanukah, accept it for what it is, a kind greeting and a blessing of sorts.

#3 – Follow the two points above for all spiritual greetings, from “God Bless You” to “Blessed Be” to “Namaste”, unless of course you have an overabundance of love and luck in your life and couldn’t use a little extra blessing from any Power That May Be, existing or not, despite where it comes from.  And remember this little tidbit: the energy this person is sending you with a simple greeting derives from a place of love, but hey, if you don’t need any extra positivity in your life, go ahead and take it as a hurled insult and go on being a dick who likely constantly complains about how the universe gave you a raw deal in life.

As for me, as long as your sending good wishes my way I’ll take them in any form they come, by any deity, or any non-specific order, and if an entire company chooses not to focus well-wishing their clientele, that’s their BUSINESS, quite literally, so cut them some slack or simply shop elsewhere.